Ramia Mazé (2009) 'Critical of What? / Kritiska mot vad?', in M. Ericson, et al. (eds) Iaspis Forum on Design and Critical Practice The reader. Berlin: Sternberg Press / Iaspis, 378-398. ISBN 978-1-933128-63-4

"I think it’s only appropriate to end these discussions around ‘critical practice’ with questions. Critical practice is less concerned with problem-solving than with problem-finding (to borrow a phrase from Superstudio, one of the 1960’s anti-design groups that we just heard about) – with exposing issues and articulating questions. Further, we hope that this event is only the start of future discussions about critical practice – within design and in Sweden – this is a work-in-progress. We understand that ‘Forms of Inquiry’ seeks to form an inquiry, a local inquiry, and a continued inquiry in each place that this exhibition is installed. In the spirit of ongoing inquiry, I am going to end with a series of questions, as an attempt to frame some aspects that might be interesting to explore further – the first is, ‘What do we mean by critical?’ and, the second, ‘Critical of what?’..." (excerpted quotes)

Iaspis Forum on Design and Critical Practice – The reader was edited by Magnus Ericson, Martin Frostner, Zak Kyes, Sara Teleman and Jonas Williamsson, with contributions by Åbäke & HC Ericson, Nick Currie, Dexter Sinister, Experimental Jetset & Nille Svensson (Sweden Graphics), Will Holder & Samuel Nyholm, Ramia Mazé, Metahaven, Mark Owens & Zak Kyes, Practise & Europa, Emily Pethick.

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